Mighty God


The divine mightiness of God ought not to be argued by any individual, organization or religion. God is so mighty that all creatures in Heaven, on earth and beneath submit absolutely to His mightiness and leadership.

God is so mighty that He lives in heaven but His presence is everywhere by His Spirit, including shoel (Grave and Death or Abaddon) Ps. 139:7-8. His power has no bounds and His dominion extends over life and death.  Deu. 32:39, 1 Samuel 2:6; Ps. 90:3.

All things that had existed and still in existence and will be, were all made by Him. Even the physical things around us (trees, mountains, hills, etc) all worship the Lord, god in their own ways. Angels bow before Him in complete obedience to worship. Satan (Lucifer) and Demons believe in His Existence and power and they tremble at His Mightiness. Heaven and the earth and beneath all adore Him. All creatures in obedience to submission and love give worship to Him. Why will you be exempted?

Mighty God is an inspirational song that speaks of the mightiness of God in Yakurr dialect and English, to help the listeners understand the message of worship ascribed to the Lord, God.